Eating Well Just Before Birth

While lots of women know that they should eat a healthy pregnancy diet during pregnancy, they aren't aware of the changes in their dietary needs just before and just after birth. As your body is gearing up for the major event of giving birth, though, its nutritional needs will change slightly, and you can help ease your birth process by listening to and accommodating those needs. A special diet in the three weeks prior to your due date through the four days after birth will help prepare the body to give birth and will get lactation and breastfeeding off to the right start.

While different cultures have different pre-birth dietary traditions, the book Healing Our Children recommends a diet from researcher Dr. Bieler, who looked at many different pregnancies and cultures before coming up with these three recommendations for a pre-birth and immediately post-birth diet. Here are the recommendations to follow starting about three weeks before your baby is due:

  1. Get rid of starchy foods, such as bread, pastries, crackers, and potatoes. Your diet should already be low in these if you are following a healthy pregnancy diet, but getting rid of them altogether can help prepare your body for the birth process more easily.

  2. Eat lots of raw milk, raw and cooked vegetables, and fruit. Raw milk products are especially important for building up your body's supply of nutrients that you'll need during the birth process, and raw fruits and vegetables can also help boost your vitamin and mineral supply just before birth.

  3. Avoid strawberries, seedless grapes, cantaloupe, and cranberries.

A Special Moisturizer

One more dietary suggestion from Healing Our Children is that you use a moisturizing formula in the three weeks before birth. This formula isn't to be slathered on your skin, but it will moisturize your skin, joints, and tissues from the inside out. This is especially important in avoiding tearing during the birth process, since stretchy, moisturized vaginal tissues are much less likely to tear during birth.

The author of Healing Our Children got these helpful recipe from Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz, author of The Recipe for Living without Disease. This formula should be drank at room temperature once a day for about three weeks prior to birth:

  • 1-2 raw organic eggs

  • 2-4 ounces raw butter

  • 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 1-2 teaspoons raw unheated honey

Blend all these ingredients together, and drink the resulting shake just after consuming a meal that includes meat. About five days before you're due to give birth, you can start adding about 2 tablespoons of bee pollen and 2 tablespoons of raw cheese to the drink, which can help moisturize your ligaments even more.

Eating During Labor

While Dr. Bieler suggest women not eat during or directly after labor, this applies mainly to women who have a high store of nutrients in their bodies from eating a great pregnancy diet. If you have not eaten as well as you could during pregnancy, you may need the extra boost food can give you during labor. However, it's important to listen to your body. If you feel like eating and need the extra energy boost, it's okay to go ahead and do so during labor. Eating small amounts, however, is important, as your body will process foods very slowly during labor, and eating too much at once may result in nausea and vomiting.

Drinking during labor is important, however, and you will need to keep your body hydrated, especially during a long labor. Sip on pure water or even herbal remedies, such as red raspberry leaf tea, which can increase the strength of uterine contractions in order to shorten labor. You can also use hot tea made with ghee to make the birth canal more slippery so the baby will come out more easily. Talk to your midwife or doula about herbal drinks you can try during labor and delivery to stay hydrated, ward off fatigue, and make labor more effective.

Curious about what else you can do to make labor and delivery smoother by making good food choices before and during labor? Check out the book Healing Our Children. It has a great focus on a healthy pregnancy diet, but it can also give you plenty of tips on staying healthy and energize throughout labor and delivery and during the postpartum period.

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