Natural Childbirth and a Native Diet

These days, over 90% of women don't have a completely natural, unmedicated childbirth experience simply because they birth in hospitals, where medications such as epidurals are routinely used to ease the pain of childbirth. Besides this, though, an incredibly high number of births are tainted by interventions such as forceps or vacuum delivery or even Cesarean section - the surgical delivery of the baby. Why is it that so many births - which should be completely normal and natural - are plagued with interventions?

Well, part of the reason that interventions are so common is that hospitals and doctors push them on women because interventions make the lives of the doctors easier. However, the real reason that we started needing such interventions in the first place is changes in the basic human diet.

How do dietary changes lead to interventions in birth, you might ask? According to the author of the book Healing Our Children, the two things are linked because of a concept called "intercepted genetics."

What is intercepted genetics?

These days, if someone has a physical problem, we tend to blame that issue on genetics, as if Mother Nature gave the person bad original materials to work with. The problem, though, isn't the genetics in themselves. If humans weren't capable of passing perfect genetic codes from one generation to the next, they never would have survived this long! Instead, the problem is that the perfect genetic codes we all inherit are never fully expressed, which is because of problems in our diets.

If you look at indigenous cultures where people eat from the bounty of the earth and have diets full of essential nutrients and almost completely lacking in outside toxins, you'll see that they are physically perfect, in face and in body. Once those cultures become "modernized," though, and begin eating diets full of processed foods, their children become less and less perfect, as their once-perfect genetics are intercepted because of nutritional deficiencies.

What's it got to do with childbirth?

So how does intercepted genetics have an effect on childbirth? It all comes down to the pelvis. One of the main ways in which genetics aren't properly manifested because of lack of nutrition is that the pelvic bones of women are tightened and not as broad as they should be. This, of course, makes it more difficult for a baby to get down the birth canal naturally! Intercepted genetics because of malnutrition in the modern diet are what cause our modern dilemma of protracted childbirth and difficult labors full of medical interventions!

What can you do about it?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do about the problems with your pelvis if you're getting ready to go through childbirth. Eating a nutritious diet full of healthy foods and lacking in toxins for as long as possible before and during pregnancy will certainly help give your body the strength it needs to push out a baby. Another way to deal with a tighter pelvic circle is to get into positions during labor that widen the pelvis as much as possible. Squatting and sitting on all fours are both good, natural positions that widen the pelvis during labor and childbirth.

If you're interested in learning more about how intercepted genetics may be affecting your body and your baby and about how a natural, wholesome, organic diet can help you combat some of the problems associated with intercepted genetics and childbirth, check out the book Healing Our Children. It will actually give you lists of foods that are great to eat to prepare your body for childbirth! Plus, by nourishing your own body before and during pregnancy, you can ensure that intercepted genetics doesn't become a problem for your own future child!

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