Are Ultrasounds Safe or Necessary for Pregnancy?

Why do many leading health researchers oppose ultrasound?
Ultrasound is high frequency of sound waves. As humans we cannot hear these sound waves, so it appears that the ultrasound is harmless, but is it? It is long known that sounds affect our body. From the recommendations to listen to classical music, to healing therapies that use sound such as ancient "singing bowls" which tone notes. Our bodies have an inherent response to music and sound. One reason is that the cells in our body are vibrating. Our bodies, our cells respond to vibrations, physicist and musicians know this.

Is it then wise to shoot high intensity sound waves into the developing fetus? Of course not.

According to AIMS, the Alliance for the Improvement of Maternity services,

"Millions of women and their unborn children are being exposed to diagnostic ultrasound during pregnancy and childbirth without the women being advised prior to exposure that there has been no well-controlled scientific investigation carried out to study the delayed, long-term effects of ultrasound on human development."


"Numerous studies have been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of routine diagnostic ultrasound. None has shown the routine use of diagnostic ultrasound to improve maternal and infant outcome over that achieved when diagnostic ultrasound was used only when medically indicated."

Research scientists have found evidence when the ultrasound was studied, that it does produce cellular changes. There also seems to be a correlation between speech delay in children with ultrasound exposure. Showing that ultrasounds can cause brain damage or abnormal brain development.

Frequent ultrasound use has a potential link to the rise in autism.

Ultrasound is an example where we have replaced evidence based care, with modern technology that is untested. To what end?

What does the ultrasound tell us anyway? I believe that only in rare cases is an ultrasound useful at all. Because you need to consider what the results of the test will be? If the ultrasound shows a possible anomaly, then what are your choices? Also, if the fetus is greatly unhealthy, usually the body releases it, that is what we call a miscarriage. So I fail to see the usefulness or need for this procedure. It is best avoided.

We have had two healthy children, and no ultrasounds.

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