Fat Soluble Vitamins You Need During Pregnancy

Fat soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, E, and D are an essential part of a healthy pregnancy diet. The best pregnancy diet, in fact, doesn't tell you to get these vitamins from a supplement or pill. Instead, the best pregnancy diet, as advocated in Healing Our Children, says that pregnant and nursing mothers are better off if they get these vitamins from what they're actually eating. In this way, they'll get better nutrition, and their bodies will react to the vitamins in a more positive manner.

How do you get these fat soluble vitamins throughout your natural pregnancy, though? And what do these three fat soluble vitamins do for your body during pregnancy and for your growing baby? Here's what you need to know

Vitamin A: Unnecessarily Vilified

You hear a lot these days about overdoses of Vitamin A and how terrible they might possibly be for developing babies. The truth, though, is that only one study showed that increased Vitamin A in the diet might increase a risk of birth defects, and other studies have shown that even up to 40,000 IU a day of Vitamin A doesn't increase risk of birth defects. The truth is that if you're getting Vitamin A from healthy animal sources and are being smart about your healthy pregnancy diet, you won't have to worry too much about the negative effects of Vitamin A. While it can be

While it can be dangerous to get synthetic or farmed versions of Vitamin A from multivitamins, you don't have to rely on them to get adequate, healthy levels of this essential fat soluble vitamin. Instead, you can get Vitamin A from cod liver oil or animal livers, where it's often stored in high quantities. Your body can also synthesize Vitamin A from provitamin A, which is found in red, orange, dark green, and yellow fruits and vegetables. However, Vitamin A can only be created in these circumstances if it's in your body along with some fat, which is why it's essential that you get enough fat in your pregnancy diet.

Vitamin D: Not Just from Sunlight

Most people know that sun exposure causes the human body to synthesize Vitamin D, but they don't know where else they can get this vitamin - especially in areas where sunlight is hard to come by! Vitamin D, though, is an essential nutrient during pregnancy and lactation, and it seems to help a baby's organs and bones develop properly. Plus, mothers who lack enough Vitamin D are more likely to experience depression symptoms before and after pregnancy

Luckily, you don't have to turn to fortified pasteurized dairy products or supplements to get enough Vitamin D for your baby. Instead, you can get this fat soluble vitamin from sources like eggs, animal organs, oily fish and shellfish, small animals and insects, and milk products from cows, sheep, musk oxen, and camels. Liver is particularly high in Vitamin D, and by working these foods into your daily pregnancy diet, you can ensure that you and your baby are getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Vitamin E: Increases Reproductive Health

According to Healing Our Children, the scientific name for Vitamin E - tocopherol - means "to bring forth a child" in Greek. This is an essential nutrient for maintaining a woman's fertility, both before and during pregnancy. Vitamin E deficiencies can cause birth defects and a host of other problems, so you need to make sure you're getting enough of this fat soluble vitamin throughout pregnancy.

Native populations in various areas usually have some form of grain that goes with their diet. However, they usually grind grain fresh, and leave it whole, which means that the Vitamin E in the wheat germ gets into their food. In our day of highly processed wheat products, though, Vitamin E is much harder to come by. The best way to add it to your diet is to eat sprouted or fermented grains and to eat fresh butter on a regular basis.

These essential fat soluble vitamins will help your pregnancy and your baby be healthier than ever. For more information on what you should be eating as part of your healthy pregnancy diet, check out Healing Our Children, which is packed with a variety of information on what you should be eating to maintain a healthy pregnancy and give your baby the best possible start in life.

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