Making Ethical Meat Consumption Choices

These days, it's becoming more and more popular to be a vegetarian. Although vegetarianism isn't new, it's certainly trendy right about now, and it's trendy for a few reasons. For instance, as information about the way animals are treated at commercial meat operations has become public, more and more people are repulsed by the cruelty they see there and want to do their part to avoid it. Others choose vegetarianism because they believe meat is inherently unhealthy for the human body or because they want to simply cut back on their all-around level of consumption - cutting back, so to speak, on their carbon footprint.

However, vegetarianism is rarely the healthiest available option, as a vegetarian or vegan diet can leave you with many nutritional deficiencies. The fact of the matter is that humans were meant to eat animal meats and that this is simply the way of the world. Eating meat with all its protein, fat, and fat-soluble vitamins is especially important during pregnancy, when women need to get the ultimate levels of nutrition in order to grow healthy babies.

So if you're torn by the ethical dilemmas presented to meat-eaters today but still want to have a healthy diet that includes animal meats, there are several things that you can do to remain healthy and make ethical meat consumption choices. Here are just a few options:

  • Buy organic meats and animal products. Organic products are healthier for your body, for one thing, because they don't contain antibiotics and other harmful chemicals that can get stored up in the meat, milk, or eggs and end up in your own body and that of your baby. Also, organically produced items are easier on the environment because of their lack of chemical additives, which are so unhealthy for animals and humans alike.
  • Buy ethically-produced animal products. While eating organics is essential for your health, an organic label isn't enough to ensure that you're eating cruelty-free animal products. Instead, you need to look for ethically-produced products. For instance, grass fed cattle is more ethically produced because the cattle are fed their natural diets and are allowed to range in open pastures instead of spending their lives cooped up in disease-filled pens. Free range eggs and chicken meat is more ethical for the same reason.
  • . Buy local. The absolute best way to make a good choice for your body and for the environment at the same time is to buy organic, free-range meats and animal products that come from local suppliers. Local suppliers don't use as much fossil fuels to ship their products to you, and you can often double-check that their practices are ethical and cruelty-free by visiting their actual farms. To find local meat and animal-product producers in your area, check out local farmer's markets, where local farmers will often sell meat outright or even take orders so that you can purchase your meat in bulk at a discounted rate.

Finding meat and animal products that meet these three criteria can take a bit of work, and it can be a bit more expensive. However, if you want the absolute healthiest child from your pregnancy, and if you want to make ethical consumption choices, what better way to devote your dollars than to ethically-produced animal products from local farms in your area?

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Making Ethical Meat Consumption Choices

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