The Truth About Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is becoming more and more prevalent in today's society, but the truth is that at its roots, this movement isn't terribly healthy. Looking at where vegetarianism comes from and how it can affect the body is important, especially if you're thinking about being vegetarian during your pregnancy. While it isn't impossible to follow a healthy pregnancy diet while being a vegetarian, the best pregnancy diet will include animal meat or at the very least dairy products and eggs. Here's what you need to know about the roots of vegetarianism and why this type of diet is actually less healthy for your body than a diet full of natural, whole, organic foods, including meat.

What Vegetarians are Missing

While it's possible it have a somewhat healthy vegetarian diet, the truth is that vegetarianism should really only be a short-term solution for most people. According to the book Healing Our Children, which is full of information on the diet specifically for pregnant women and children, a vegetarian diet can be a great cleansing diet over a limited time. This sort of limited diet can deliver the right nutrients to your body to help it cleanse itself and heal from a lifetime of disease, medications, toxins, and unhealthy foods, but it's not enough to work with for the long term.

Vegetarians can be healthy in the short-term, but the healthiest diet, particularly the best pregnancy diet, will include plenty of animal products. This is because vegetarians are often missing vitamins A and D, as well as other fat-soluble minerals and vitamins. For many vegetarians, these vitamins must come in the form of supplements, so they just aren't as effective in the body as if they had come from regular animal-based food sources.

Reasons for Vegetarianism

One of the main reasons that many people become vegetarians is that they don't believe in cruelty to animals, and they don't want to be part of a system that slaughters animals in horrific ways. This is certainly a legitimate drawback of eating meat, but it can be overcome without boycotting meat altogether. Eating meat has always been a part of the most nature-respecting human cultures, and those who really respected wildlife knew that eating meat was simply part of the circle of life.

Now, it can be more difficult to get animal products that were produced humanely, but it can still be done. For instance, your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter may be able to give you resources for contacting local farms, where you can enjoy dairy, meats, and eggs from animals that have been given healthy, happy lives and that have been killed humanely.

When you get animal products from local farms that use humane practices - such as allowing their cows to feed at pasture instead of cooped up in tiny pens, refusing to use antibiotics on their animals, and killing their animals humanely - you'll get not only the spiritual benefit of knowing that you're eating food that has been raised naturally, but you'll also get health benefits that are essential for pregnancy and beyond. For instance, grass-fed cattle is much healthier because the cattle are eating the diet nature intended for them. Also, animals that are left to graze instead of force fed in pens are less likely to be diseased because they have strong immune systems and are not constantly in close quarters with others of their kind.

For more information on what you should be eating during pregnancy, read Healing Our Children. In it, you'll find plenty of information on exactly what you should be eating to supply your body with the nutrition it needs to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Another reason for vegetarianism is, of course, the idea that it's actually healthier for you. If you have a choice between eating commercially processed meats and eating no meat at all, then vegetarianism probably is the healthier choice. However, if you can access healthy, natural, organic animal products on a regular basis, then you are actually giving your body what it needs by offering it animal products on a regular basis. The human body was meant to be omnivorous - to process both plant and meat products - so without a well-rounded diet that includes both, you'll inevitably suffer from nutritional deficiencies that can cause problems for your pregnancy and your baby.

The Bottom Line

The truth, then, is that you really can't have the best pregnancy diet without at least including animal products like raw dairy and eggs. For the absolute best for you and your baby, the author of Healing Our Children advocates an omnivorous diet. You can eat meat responsibly, so long as you take the time to find responsible sources for your meat. Adding healthy, organic meat and fish products to your pregnancy diet is just what your body - and your baby - need!

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