Top Trace Nutrients for Pregnancy Health and Where to Get Them

When it comes to pregnancy health, it's important to ensure that you get a complete daily supply of vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs. There really are no unimportant nutrients for your baby, but some nutrients are more important than others. Deficiencies of these nutrients have been shown to lead to problems for mothers and babies, but you can steer clear of these problems simply by eating the right foods.

Getting these top nutrients for a healthy pregnancy through whole foods is important, since they are often absorbed into the body much more readily when they're combined with other nutrients they are commonly found together with. Instead of relying on synthetic vitamins, which often overload your body unnecessarily or which may simply shoot through your digestive system without being absorbed, eat a well-rounded diet full of healthy fats, vegetables, fermented grains, and fruits, and you'll get all the nutrition you and your baby need during pregnancy.

Here, according to the book Healing Our Children, are some of the most important nutrients you should get during pregnancy and where you can find them in your diet:

  • Vitamin B-12: This vitamin is especially important during preconception, since lack of B-12 can lead to infertility. You can get B-12 through oysters, liver, fish eggs, salmon, beef, yogurt, and milk.

  • Zinc: Lack of zinc can make the birthing process more difficult, and it may also lead to emotional detachment issues between mom and baby. Get your daily amount of zinc through oysters, pumpkin seed, beef, crab, and some wheat products.

  • Magnesium: Lacking magnesium during pregnancy can cause calcium deposits and kidney damage in babies. Get your magnesium through clams, spinach, rye, fish sauce, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and black beans.

  • Iron: Lack of iron can cause anemia in mom (read: extra tiredness during pregnancy!) and defects of the bones, brain, and eyes in babies. Severe iron deficiency can even cause stillbirth or infant death! Get enough iron through meats, clams, oysters, and dark leafy greens.

  • Chromium: Lacking chromium can cause eye problems for a baby. Get chromium through nutritional yeast, broccoli, and turkey thigh.

  • Copper: A copper deficiency can also lead to anemia, and it can cause depigmentation and fragile bones. Get enough copper through liver, oysters, crab, clams, sunflower seeds, and nutritional yeast.

  • Cobalt: A lack of cobalt can cause greater iron deficiency. Get cobalt through the same sources you use for vitamin B-12, since it's part of this vitamin's structure.

  • Iodine: Iodine deficiency can cause babies to be mentally deficient, and it causes thyroid problems for moms. Get iodine from seaweed, cod, shrimp, salmon, tuna, and milk.

  • Manganese: A serious manganese deficiency has been linked to still birth. Get enough of this mineral through pine nuts, mussels, pecans, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potatoes.

  • Potassium: Lack of potassium can cause a pregnant woman to feel listless and tired and can also lead to insomnia. For more of this nutrient, eat quinoa, rye, prunes, bamboo shoots, dates, beet greens, sunflower seeds, and cabbage.

  • Selenium: Lack of selenium has been linked to Down syndrome in babies. For more selenium, eat oysters, turkey giblets, Brazil nuts, meat, tuna, and fish eggs.

  • Silicon: This essential nutrient forms the building blocks for connective tissues, bones, and a healthy placenta. Get more of this nutrient in barley, partially milled rice, root vegetables, lettuce, and tomatoes.

  • Vanadium: Lacking this nutrient can cause growth problems and reproductive issues. You can get it in your diet through buckwheat, rice, green beans, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and dill seed.

  • Nickel: A nickel deficiency can cause adults to experience liver cirrhosis and kidney failure. To get more nickel, eat leafy green vegetables, lentils, peas, and nuts.

Although these are mainly considered trace nutrients, meaning your body doesn't need them in large concentrations, deficiencies can cause problems for your pregnancy and your baby. Eating a healthy, well-rounded diet full of organic meats and vegetables is the best way to combat deficiencies and to ensure that you get enough of what you and your baby need during pregnancy.

If you're wondering how to get all the nutrition you need during pregnancy, check out Healing Our Children. It's full of nutritional advice for preconception through lactation, and it gives you a balanced guide to help you make healthy nutritional choices throughout pregnancy.

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