Healthy Pregnancy

The health of your body during pregnancy is primarily a result of the foods you eat, and the overall health of your body prior to pregnancy.

The typical advice, which I will critique below, for a healthy pregnancy is as follows. This is not necessarily the recommended advice:

  1. Avoid drugs and alcohol
  2. Get regular medical screening
  3. Eat a "well balanced" diet of
      • lean meats
      • fruits
      • vegetables
      • whole-grain breads
      • low-fat dairy product

Does This Typical Pregnancy Health Advice Work?

My question for you, is does this work? Does this create the health results we desire? Or is there something flawed in the system. With cesarean rates around 30%, miscarriages anywhere from 25-50%, and over 100,000 birth defects per year, plus the enormous amount of sick women during pregnancy, and pregnancy illnesses, I am going to suggest to you that most of this typical advice, isn't life sustaining.

Medical Treatments for a Healthy Pregnancy

When you get care from a doctor or midwife for pregnancy, then typically (not always) the way the care is provided is by the administration of tests. The tests represent a harm to the body. This includes drawing blood, when the pregnant mom and infant need the blood. Removing amniotic fluid, when the baby needs the amniotic fluid. And ultrasound tests, when the body needs to avoid exposure to radiation and ultrasound waves.

I propose the main problem with medical management of pregnancy, is that one is led to believe that these tests constitute creating and maintaining health, and that therefore all one needs to do to be healthy is to get tests. These tests in themselves are not inherently bad, but most of the time they are not necessary. As a result, the mother is robbed of vital fluids, or invaded unnecessarily, and nothing is accomplished other than the medical professionals make money.

You have the right to refuse any medical treatment. If a medical provider suggests a medical tests is needed, then there should be a reason that can be verified to get the test. Even just 50 years ago, most of these tests were not used. Yet the rate of cesareans over that same time has climbed from around 5%, to over 30%. Are the tests really doing us good? I suggest that in a majority of cases they don't help.

Why not prevent problems in the first place, rather than test for the problems after they have occurred? One can prevent problems in pregnancy using a natural preconception health plan.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Not all of the modern dietary advice is unhelpful or not useful. Surely one should avoid smoking, and alcohol during pregnancy, and eat plenty of vegetables. But the rest of typical dietary advice is a recipe for disaster.

Why The Modern Pregnancy Diet Sucks

It might seem obvious for me to say this, but it needs to be said. Women have a natural deposit of fat around their hips. This is part of the curvy features of women's bodies. This is Nature's design. The reason is that the fat storage provides vitamins and energy for the nutritional demands of pregnancy, birth, and lactation. It would then seem to make sense that it would be a good idea to eat fat during pregnancy, since the body requires and stores fat for energy during pregnancy. Why then do modern doctors, and other birth care providers advocate a low fat diet? The babies brain in particular, is made entirely of fat. We therefore need fat during pregnancy.

The other problem with avoiding fat during pregnancy, is the results. Fat is our most dense form of available energy. When we avoid fat, we starve, and then seek craving foods. Those include high fat junk food, like ice cream, as well as cakes and other sweet foods. The stereotype of the pregnant women indulging on ice cream, is nothing but a result of her requirements for healthy fats. But ice cream is not a healthy fat (unless you make it at home with raw milk) because it usually has too much sugar, and the milk is homogenized, so the fat particles are shattered, making them toxic and unusable by the body.

Avoid, processed man made fats, like soy, canola, corn, and safflower oil. And indulge in animal fats like butter, cream, milk, yogurt, lard, suet, duck fat, and so on. I encourage that milk fats be unpastuerized, (if you are paranoid about germs, just heat the dairy at home,) and animal fats be from pasture fed animals, not confinement fed mistreated animals.

I have dietary suggestions for a health pregnancy on my health pregnancy diet page.

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