Interesting Indigenous Diets

I have briefly summarized some other healthy indigenous food habits.

New Zealand Maori: Some foods in their diet included: shellfish large and small, including sea clams, oysters and lobsters (including the organs) and scale fish, used with plants such as kelp, fruits and seeds of the land, including a fern root very similar to our potato.

Masai of Africa : Raw and fermented milk was a staple of the diet. The Masai treat their cattle with the highest respect. The diet also included blood, fat, and tree bark. Vegetables were considered plant matter for cows.

Samplings from other African Tribal diets: Other superbly healthy groups in Africa ate dairy products from cattle and goats, together with sweet potatoes, cereals and bananas. Also included were fresh water fish from the Nile River, and a fly that hatches in enormous quantities in Lake Victoria, which is gathered and used fresh and dried as a storage food. They also use ant eggs and ants. Locusts are gathered in huge quantities and made into flour. (Locust or other insect flour could probably solve many modern food problems as insects are generally high in fat-soluble vitamins.) Also eaten were a variety of grains that were freshly ground and then roasted.

South Pacific Islanders: Liberal amounts of sea foods (with most or all of the organs) including shellfish and scale fish eaten with a variety of plant roots and fruits, raw and cooked. Fermented taro root was eaten (poi). A sample dish is fish head soup, which includes the high nutrient fish eyes.

Modern South Pacific Islanders: On today’s South Pacific islands, the rates of diabetes and obesity are soaring. Modern foods include white flour, white sugar, canned meat and fish, margarine, mayonnaise, carbonated beverages, candies, cookies, and breakfast cereals. Another source states that modern South Pacific Islanders are now the most obese people in the world, the sad result of trying to fulfill the body’s nutrient needs with our modern foods.

Healthy Pregnancy Diets based on Indigenous Diets

Interesting Indigenous Diets

Why Native Peoples’ Bodies Failed with poor diet. As a result they will have less healthy pregnancies.

Resources for Healthy Indigenous Diets

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