Natural and Healthy Diet for Pregnancy Introduction

Through proper nutrition , weakness and disease in children can be substantially reduced. The best time to start implementing superb nutrition in the diet is prior to conception. However, even if you begin your dietary improvements after you have become pregnant, it is important for you to understand that we have at each moment the possibility to put our best care, love and attention into our children and what nourishes them. Every little effort you make towards being healthier will substantially influence the life of your child to be.

Intention: To really understand what modern, devitalized foods are so that you can avoid them. To empower you to creatively take charge of your health through diet.

Nature gave us a blueprint. Nature gave us everything we need to be healthy and to heal: pure water and air, vibrant foods, and powerful plant medicines. Humans evolved over hundreds of millions of years always in symbiotic harmony with Mother Earth. Our bodies are therefore designed to react and respond when we do not follow Nature’s blueprint — that reaction is a part of Nature’s design, too. You won’t hear a ringing voice warning you, “Don’t eat that food; it is unhealthy!” Your body will simply tell you by giving you a bad feeling. Just as in mathematics or physics, our internal biochemistry obeys a set of known and unknown laws and rules. Our immaculately planned and constructed body cannot process or utilize foods that have been improperly altered by commercial industry, because the producers of these inferior foods did not take Nature’s design to heart. Profit and greed are the motivating forces for the creation of these substitute foods.

Let me reinforce the central and crucial theme of Chapter 1: If the internal environment of our body is a primary determinant for our health, and thus for the health of our children, then what is the primary factor that determines our internal environment? It is the fundamental expression of our relationship to the world around us, the world of form and of Nature — food.

Many of us have not experienced the extent to which diet influences our health, because when we tried a new type of diet or a “health food” we did not really notice any results. That is not because diet does not influence our health or because the health food didn’t work; but many times we are so numb and disconnected from our body’s responses to what we are eating that we cannot feel what is happening any more. Many modern diets are based on the theory of deprivation, that in order to be healthy we have to minimize our intake of foods. While there are times for cleansing and minimizing food intake, in general I have learned that the opposite is true. If we are to nourish ourselves and as a result nourish our children, we must follow a diet that is based on abundance, fulfillment and nourishment. We need to give our bodies enough!

I had to practice yoga consistently almost every day for several years to retune my sensibilities to my own body. Eventually it dawned on me that the food I was eating was not satisfying or healthy for me, so I began to experiment with my diet. Even so, I became so fatigued and exhausted from my 1-2 hours of exercise per day that after a few years I had to stop. Finally, now that I am eating a healthy diet, my energy and enthusiasm are returning. The good news is that I and many others have spent several decades in total paying attention to what foods are healthy or not. In the next chapter, I will provide you with the shortcut route to health, with a clear outline of helpful and deleterious foods.

Activity - Feel your body. Feel your feet on the floor and notice the rhythmic vibrations of your breathing. Allow yourself to feel a calming wave of love and compassion coming from the abundant Universe. Direct your attention to your pelvis. Here is the root of your body, your organs of elimination, reproduction and pleasure. Feel how your body is resting upon the surface that is supporting you. Gently breathe in and out, and just notice any sensations within and without.

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