Types of Foods in Unhealthy Pregnancy Diets

The Characteristics of a Modern Pregnancy Disease-Forming Diet

There is a more specific pregnancy diet plan on this website. Meanwhile, here are some of the key ingredients of the modern diet. These foods are to be strictly avoided if you want have a healthy pregnancy.

1. White Flour Is Everywhere in Unhealthy Pregnancy Diets

All of the modernized disease-promoting diets had their principal source of calories coming from white flour, which has been industrially processed with its vitamin content removed. Please note that whole wheat or foods containing organic flour are only marginally better than white flour, due to the unnatural way the flour is processed and stored. Many people eat white flour foods regularly; I know that I did in childhood.

Bread, crackers, pasta, noodle soups, muffins, cookies, bagels, doughnuts, biscuits, breakfast cereals, English muffins, pancakes, pizza, toaster tarts, cakes, waffles, croissants and snack foods.

2. Processed Sugar Is Everywhere in Unhealthy Pregnancy Diets

The second source of calories for energy in the modern displacing diet comes from sweets or sweetened foods. Let’s review processed sugars a bit, as well as common foods that contain them.

Jam, commercial honey, soda, corn syrup, other syrups, sweetened drinks like iced tea, candy, candy bars, food bars, pastries, ice cream, cookies, toaster tarts, sweet rolls, cake, muffins, breakfast cereals, fruit juice, doughnuts, chocolate and coffee.

Many packaged foods contain added sugar. Sweetened foods with processed flour like pastries or muffins create a double-edged sword. Breakfast cereal is at the top of the list of worst foods (yes, even organic varieties). Many people mistakenly feed their infants breakfast cereals as one of their earliest foods. In an experiment with one name brand breakfast cereal, the cereal itself killed lab rats faster than when the rats ate only the cardboard box the cereal came in.

3. Displaced Fats in Unhealthy Pregnancy Diets

The native groups of people obtained their fats from animal and plant sources, whole and healthy as nature intended. The modern displacing diet contained fats from vegetable sources. Think of something like margarine, canola oil, or just regular vegetable oil. Most indigenous cultures on their native diets did not obtain their fats from vegetable oils. Unfortunately, processed oils are what are most commonly used in restaurant cooking. Why? Because they are inexpensive. These days clever people convert these rancid oils into gasoline for their cars (biodiesel). Not exactly something that we should be eating regularly.

4. Low Quality Proteins and Vegetables in modern faulty Pregnancy Diets

Native peoples generally consumed all parts of the animals they hunted or fished, including, and often preferentially, the organs such as liver, kidney, brain and heart. Vegetable foods were eaten in prime condition either freshly prepared, fermented to enhance nutrient content or preserved using time-tested methods of drying and fermenting. By contrast, foods prominent in the displacing diet were devitalized by the industrial processing to which they were subjected. Tinned meats and vegetables undergo high heat and pressure in the canning process, which damages protein quality and also destroys most vitamins and all enzymes naturally present in the fresh or fermented versions. These devitalized foods are drastically deficient in most of the health-giving factors of their unprocessed or traditionally processed versions.

A stereotypical example of a convenience food in our modern deficient diet might be a ready-prepared sandwich. Two large rolls of white bread, or the barely better whole wheat option, are smeared with a cheap, low-quality spread, containing rancid, MSG-flavored vegetable oils and labeled as mayonnaise. The sandwich might contain a mediocre assortment of limp, vitamin-deficient vegetables, and packaged meats that are highly chemically processed. This sandwich is usually accompanied by potato chips, which have been fried in poor quality, rancid vegetable oils, along with a sweet drink such as a soda or fruit juice, and a dessert. Here the calorie break down is similar to the displa cing diet, with most of the calories coming from processed flours and sugars, and only a minor amount of calories coming from proteins and vegetables, which are usually of poor quality .

Source for Information about Unhealthy Foods For Pregnancy

Fallon, S. Nourishing Traditions. Washington, DC: New Trends, 1999: 468-469.

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