Vaccines Are Created and Exist as a Result of Our Own Numbness and Inertia

Stated Intention of This Vaccine Abuse Page: To learn about the harm caused by vaccines so that you will not allow them to be administered to your children under any pretenses.

Numbed by our social collective unconsciousness we have given away to supposed authorities our personal power in matters that concern our health. As a culture, we have allowed these “authorities” to maliciously abuse this stolen power and thereby endanger our health. The result is that we have today such routine and accepted medical protocols as vaccines for numerous disease states. As long as we choose to ignore the truth about the pernicious effects of vaccines, we will remain powerless to avoid their dangers.

I assume you have read some of the other pages about the dangers of vaccines. But perhaps you are wondering why vaccines exists on the spiritual or psychological level?

Vaccines Are a Result of Numbness

Both within ourselves, and within members of the societies in which we live is a type of numbness. It is frozen energy. It is an indifference to life. To life in all its ways. Life is energized, alive, it wants to move. Much like children. As a collective we have quite a bit of numbed out life forces. Numbness. is the opposite of life. This frozen life cannot create goodness in the world. Rather it creates more stuckness, or even perpetuates itself in the form of evil.

Therefore scientists, doctors and parents who have numbness in themselves, try to pass it on to their children. One way to have deadness is not just on the psychological level, but on the physical level of the body. Physical deadness can be created through poor food selection, and by the use of vaccines or medications. If people were less numbed out to life, if they felt more alive, then they would pass this vitality along to their children. People in power, drug companies and so forth, would therefore not want to promote a numbing and disease promoting creation - vaccines. In other words, if we want to rid the world of vaccine and other dangers to our children, we need to look within ourselves to the darkness, the frozen energy that is within.

For now, just notice it. If you can feel it and want to change it, then pray for help.


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