Birth Defects a Response to the Environment

In other pages on this website, I have given you several examples of the same birth defects (clubbed feet) being caused by essentially the same thing: deficiencies in the diet. Birth defects can also occur when the mother’s or father’s seeds for life are toxic, again due to toxic foods like white sugar and other processed sugars, and to exposure to other disharmonious substances like pesticides or heavy metals. It is widely accepted that a lack of folic acid in the mother’s diet produces certain birth defects in her child. This understanding ought naturally to be expanded to conclude that vitamin deficiencies are a cause of most or all birth defects. I have demonstrated in previous chapters how the coming of the modern man to remote areas brought disease to native peoples, and how the modern diet brought physical imbalances such as poor formation of the teeth and facial structure. The case of the monkey and sick child illustrate how even our bones can become disjointed with modern foods. I have also shown that a lack of vitamin A produces birth defects. Vitamins and minerals are essential for good fetal development, and an absence or imbalance of any one of a variety of vitamins or nutrients could lead to the same results we’ve seen in this chapter.

Let’s reflect back on the important knowledge from Chapter 1. Nobel Prize-winning Alex Carrel stated, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates.” Throughout this first section of the book, I outlined the concept that Nature gives us a perfect design, perhaps even a design for immortality, yet something else causes this perfect design to fail. That something, as explained from several view points, is essentially how we live in the world. And how we live in the world is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, about life, and our purpose on this planet. Let’s also reflect again on the words of Dr. Price: “One immediately wonders if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins…” that builds a higher type of individual capable of putting moral values above material values. Healthy diets build healthy minds and bodies, and unhealthy diets, which are a result of human error and not Nature’s error, cre ate disease and in certain situations, birth defects. Let us cease pretending that there is a dark mystery shrouding the cause of birth defects. If we are made within the perfection of the creative force of the Universe, then we must be the ones responsible for any imperfections. If our fate is predestined, then we are not in control of our fate. But if we have free will and can make choices to affect ourselves and the world, then we can choose to heal and prevent disease. Disease does not just happen to us. It is a reaction to a set of knowable factors. These factors are primarily 1) toxic cellular waste and toxins from the environment: air, water, food and so forth; and 2) a lack of nutrients that our bodies are designed to have in order to grow healthy. When disease occurs in spite of all of those factors existing in an ideal balance, its cause can be found in toxic and/or split emotions or life force.

On the molecular level, the cells that build our bodies and our children’s bodies are made up of substances that never disappear but that merely change form — they can be traced back to the creation of the Universe. In this divine order there can be only one thing that causes disease or creates health: ourselves.

Birth defects are a tragic result of our modern nutritional program, and our modern disharmonious lifestyle. If we are mistakenly contributing to the causes of birth defects, then we can also prevent them. Prevention comes when both the mother and father are in optimal health, with balanced body chemistries prior to conception. To reach this auspicious state the parents-to-be must be nourished by the proper nutrition, neutralize and then avoid toxins, and bring balance to their emotions.

With the advent of the plague of modernization and the inferior foods of commerce, as well as with the exploitation of nature and indigenous peoples comes a tragic end to our ideal state of health. To return to a state of grace, we must act consciously to heal ourselves from this plague.


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